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Kris Hansen



Kris Hansen has over 20 years of experience providing technology solutions for the financial services industry. Throughout his career, he has led teams in architecture design, executed successful core banking transformation projects, and designed and developed commercial software. Recognized as a visionary in the industry, Kris has helped organizations develop innovative solutions that tackle today’s issues while strengthening them for the challenges ahead.

Kris Hansen describes himself as “a recovering banking chief architect” and has been advising banks and financial services startups on financial services transformation and innovation topics. He began his career as a system administrator and software developer, started one of the first internet provider companies in Canada and built a successful software services company in the Hawaiian Islands. He is the former chief architect at ATB Financial and former head of solution architect at the Royal Bank of Canada.

Kris was the managing director and CEO for Axxiome North America, a Swiss-headquartered global financial software, advisory and integration company and the CEO of Digital Payment Partners LLC, a US-based financial services technology innovation company. As a senior principal of financial services at global enterprise software company SAP, he connected fintech innovation to banks using an enterprise cloud platform.

Kris has received a Master of Business Administration and an undergraduate degree in applied studies from Athabasca University.